Toolbox Pro - a new app to extend Shortcuts

Hi everyone,

I’m making an app that extends the functionality of Shortcuts by adding a suite of new tools that are accessible in the Shortcuts app.

The idea is to enable everyone to use the most powerful frameworks on iOS any way they wish, without having to write a line of code. For example on-device text recognition, image classification, faceID, motion detection, image filtering and much more.

I’ve also built lots of quality-of-life tools that can drastically reduce the number of actions you need in your shortcuts. For example there’s a ‘save to iCloud’ tool which essentially lets you set global variables for your shortcuts without having to clutter up your iCloud Drive. You can also batch filter images, generate beautiful menus and icons, trim text, and so on.

Dillon mentioned the app a week or ago so after he saw my reddit post but I thought I’d post the TestFlight link here in case anyone fancies giving it a spin. You’ll need to be on a recent iOS 13 beta to use the app:

If you have any ideas for tools you’d like to see or hit any problems when running the app, please le me know!

I’m hoping to have the app ready for iOS 13 but if not, it’ll be shortly after.


I haven’t had a ton of time to dig into this app yet, but the iCloud value store alone is hugely valuable. Can’t wait to see what else I can do with this app. Thanks for making it!

Thanks! Lots more to come :slight_smile: