Favorite web APIs to automate against?

I’m a big fan of using Shortcuts to automate against web APIs. Here are some fun ones I’ve found.

Xfinity has a TV remote at xfin.tv/access. You can pluck the tokens and requests from your web inspector, and then create shortcuts around them.

Plex lets you use the API to search your media server for content, and then push that content to an available player on your network. https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/dox9a5/creating_a_play_queue_and_sending_it_to_a_player/

Roku has a local control API that lets you send remote button presses to your box, as well as launch specific apps. https://developer.roku.com/docs/developer-program/debugging/external-control-api.md

SEPTA (Philadelphia’s transit network) has an API for their Key cards, so I can get my transit card balance by asking Siri. I can also ask for bus detours, and pull up a map of current buses on a route by plotting them on the Google Maps API. http://www3.septa.org/api/

If you use the Pihole ad blocker, you can create a shortcut to temporarily disable it. https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/pi-hole-api/1863

What are your favorite APIs to hack against?

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Would you be willing to share any of your Shortcuts using the Roku API?

I’ve created a variety of shortcuts using APIs with:
Dark Sky

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Sure. This one pulls a list of apps on your Roku and presents them as a menu. Replace the IP address of my Roku with the IP address of yours.


Otherwise I just hit keypress endpoints for various commands (so I can yell “hey siri, jump back” to go back 10 seconds, “hey siri pause the TV” to pause it, etc). I combine with some “if” statements and HomeKit states to determine if the TV is currently set to the Roku before executing.

Thanks @radiocolin. I look forward to tinkering with this one. Cheers! — jay

Would you be willing to share your Strava shortcut? I’m currently trying to make one that automatically imports my workouts every evening instead of having to remember to open the app and click the import button.