Shortcuts companion app in beta? - Toolbox Pro

If you subscribe to /r/shortcuts you may have already seen this but a new “companion” app was recently shared.

reddit link -

I have not tested myself but am doing so this week. After going through the reviews, it seems to be a nice fit with Shortcuts.

I figured if any group could geek out well enough with me on something like this, it would be this community :nerd_face:

If you’ve tested, please leave a comment below with your thoughts, both good and bad.


Must be on iOS beta 13 to use :tired_face:

Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned that as well.

Wauw - just joined the Beta & this could be what takes Shortcuts usage to the next level for Average Joe & Jolie :thinking:

It’s like an added layer of awesome-ness lol!

Looks cool! Some overlap with the app I’m working on (no surprise) but a lot of actions I’m not pursuing as well (and vice-versa).

Hi Dillon,

Thanks for posting about Toolbox Pro, I’m the dev behind it. I’d love to know if you’ve had a chance to use it yet?

It’s my first app - I actually only got into coding after using Shortcuts and then Apple showed of SwiftUI earlier this year and I was like, I want to learn that!

It’s been fun to build in my spare time and I should be ready to release at launch or shortly after. Though app-review is a bit of an unknown quantity with this new type of app!

Clearly there’s going to be a selection of these sorts of tools coming out and it’s a fairly niche market but it’s certainly good for the Shortcuts & automation ecosystem.

I’ve been playing around with the Scanner feature for OCR, which works really well! Last couple of weeks were busy but I’ll do a deeper dive this week testing out the other features. So far, I can say that it adds a ton of functionality that was not previously available via Shortcuts.

Hats off to you for this being your first app!