Request a tag for the forum

We’ve created lots of tags already, but it’s quite possible we’ve missed some! If that’s the case then please let us know here (with a link to the topic you would like to tag with that tag), and we’ll look into it!

Current tags include:

  • workflow
  • hazel
  • ifttt
  • alfred
  • applescript
  • automator
  • better-touch-tool
  • drafts
  • editorial
  • flow
  • keyboard-maestro
  • launch-center-pro
  • launchbar
  • launcher
  • pythonista
  • question
  • siri-shortcuts
  • stringify
  • tasker
  • textexpander
  • url-schemes
  • zapier

Should there be tags for apps that are the target of automation in addition to the automator (e.g. Drafts, Workflow)? Not sure as that could be A LOT of tags since so many apps can be the automated these days (thankfully!).

Here’s a topic about Apple Music so apple-music could be an appropriate tag. It would be nice down the line to find all the posts with this tag but it could be unmanageable. Not too familiar with Discourse search, admin, etc. so I’m throwing this out there for the experts like @RosemaryOrchard!

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So in the iOS category you can use tags like Workflow, Drafts, but I haven’t made them available to all categories yet, (we’re still thinking about that - whether it would be confusing or not). Apple Music is a good one to add! We do have quite a few tags already :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to see all available tags? Choosing Tags from the hamburger menu seems like it only shows tags in use.

Added to the main post!

You can also see the ones for each category by opening the “New Topic” modal, and tapping in the tags box :smiley:

Hi @RosemaryOrchard, functional tags or categories might be useful, in addition to automator apps and/or target apps - eg time-tracking - multiple ways of doing this… would be good to be able to compare all the ways!

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I think it would be nice to have tags for use cases as well. For example, “student,” “home,” “writing,” or “accountant” could have tags so people can easily find automations that are valuable to them. Currently the whole of the forum is setup on a per device basis, not per use.

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I’m going to be restructuring the forum a little this weekend or the one after, Shortcuts for example will become a sub-category vs a tag, and then I’ll add these tags (and any similar ones I can think of) which I think will be quite beneficial.

How about geektool in macOS?