Topic Creation in Automators Talk


There are three required fields when making a post:

  • TItle - Ideally more than a few words, a short summary of your post would be best if you’re not sure what to write.
  • Category - If your post could be considered to be more than one category (e.g. using Workflow to trigger IFTTT would be both iOS and Web) then pick the one where most of the automation happens, if they’re an even split pick the starting point.
  • Body - The content of your post, you can embed images, links, have fun!

There’s also an optional field, Tags. We recommends you add any of the tags that are relevant, to help people find your topic later. If you can’t find a tag and can’t create them yet, then please reply here to request it and we’ll look into it!

Don’t worry about making sure everything is perfect, you can edit your title, change the category and add tags to a post after it’s created. Just do your best!

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