Help With Creating Shortcut to do an Emotional Diary

Dear all

I am hoping that someone out there can help me out. I’m really not cut out for creating Siri Shortcuts myself, so I’m hoping that some friendly spirit out there will do it for me.

I’m starting an emotional diary, which is something that I have wanted to get into for quite a while and I think that it could be really awesome with Siri Shortcuts to do some fast emotional check-ins during the day.

This is what I’m hoping to have set up:

At the end of each day, I will go in and manually create a note in the app Drafts on my iPhone with this headline:

#Today’s Emotions:

The idea is then to have the app Due for iPhone go off at the following times the next day and each and every day of the week: 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm.

At each point during the day, I would love to have a Siri Shortcut that I could tap which would give me a multiple list of emotions that would correspond to how I’m feeling and then I could select one of them. It could be “Anxious” or “Satisfied” etc. etc.

Then, after I tap the emotion, the Shortcut would append that text (emotion) to afore-mentioned note in Drafts as a running list.

At the end of each day, I would have a clear overview of my emotions during each point of the day. Then I could manually go into that note in Drafts and send it to Day One and use that entry in Day One to write a more expanded and complete diary entry about how my day was.

The next day it would all be repeated.

I hope it makes sense of what I’m trying to set up. If there is anyone out there who has the skill to set this or something similar up in Siri Shortcuts then I would be really thankful.

Thank you for your time and your help :blush:

I think that actually it might be easiest to do this with just Drafts and Launch Center Pro. The latter can trigger the former (or Shortcuts), and the scripting options in Drafts are definitely advanced enough for what you want. I’ll play tonight if I get a chance after work :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rose. I don’t use Launch Center Pro at the moment, but I am familiar with it. I’m just looking for the least amount of friction and the fastest way to enter this text during the day. I would love to avoid any kind of typing to get it completed as fast as possible during the day :blush:

LCP can provide a pop up menu - as can Drafts. This information can then be used to append to the draft.

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Someone posted this on the Drafts forum:

I would rather avoid Launch Center Pro if Siri Shortcuts can do it. But I don’t know what’s best :blush:

What Siri can’t do is prompt you at times you want, it can prompt you when it thinks you might do something, but that might be a bit hit or miss.

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Thanks Rose. I intend to use the Due app for that. It doesn’t have to be part of Siri or Drafts or any other app :blush: I WANT to use Due for its persistence and its excellent sounds :blush:

I always forget Due can launch URL schemes, then you can just have it launch a URL to trigger the Drafts script you found :slight_smile:


Whoa! I didn’t know that. Definitely trying that out right now.

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Huh? How?

I can only enter titles; there’s no URL field?

This would be great though; several of my reminders “should” open LCP or a specific web page…

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It’s definitely hidden and not a UI control. See the documentation below:

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See this post for example of using the Due x-callback. Though still have a problem with the shortcut

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I already saw that, but isn’t that the other way around?

Launching Due via a URL instead of Due launching another App via a URL?

(Or did I miss something on that page?)

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So it’s “abusing” the title and no longer having a descriptive text about a task? :cry:

That’s correct. The dev docs descibe ways in which you can launch Due via x-callback. Due itself cannot launch another app (or URL) directly at time of the reminder. User action is required. For example, tapping on a link that is included in the reminder title.

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Not sure if I’m doing it right: I first have to tap the notification to open Due and then tap the title to open the URL (or an App via that URL scheme)?

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Hi everyone. So I created a Shortcut that looks like this except the text is changed:

I can see that the discussion is now about integrating Due to this. I have set up 6 different recurring Due reminders to go off at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm every day reminding that I should go to Siri Shortcuts and enter how I’m feeling which will then append to the note in Drafts.

How do I link Due with this Siri Shortcut so that I can just press the Due reminder and have that take me directly to the Siri Shortcut. Is that possible?

If you run the Shortcut that’s in the other thread, it’ll walk you through the process. Just run it once for each Due reminder you want to set up. I just did it to set myself a Morning Routine reminder in Due.

My other post may have made this sound more complicated than necessary. Quite simply, you can launch a Shortcut using the following URL construct:

Shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=<insert your shortcut name here>

So, if you have a Shortcut named “Emotional Diary Entry”, the following URL when invoked from iOS will open Shortcuts and run the Emotional Diary Entry shortcut


This URL can be used as the title of a Due Reminder so that when the Due reminder is triggered, you can tap on the reminder title (ie, the URL) and your shortcut is launched.

My separate thread is simply an example shortcut to automate the Due Reminder creation. It allows you to choose a Shortcut and a due date and will then create the Due Reminder with the correctly formatted title (tappable URL).

I hope this helps to clarify — jay

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Dear Jay

Thanks for all that. It would really be a great, great help to just be able to launch the shortcut from each of the six Due reminders that I have throughout the day.

But I’m not really savvy at all… can you walk me through the steps of setting it up in Due or setting it up in general?

Thanks a lot :blush: :blush: