Hazel OCR script help

Hi Guys, its been awesome listing to the show I have been trying to go deep with both Hazel and shortcuts but I am currently having a problem with the apple script for OCRing PDFs.

Every time the Hazel rule runs for OCR it pops up saying script failed but PDFpenPro still opens and asks what language the document is to OCR it.

I think it might be the popup that is causing the problem but I can’t work out how to fix it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Do you have multiple OCR languages enabled in your OCR preferences by any chance? If so can you settle for just one?


I only have English selected

In that case you need to check the details in the app’s AppleScript dictionary. I have an older version of PDF Pro, so I don’t get the language option, and Smile doesn’t seem to have published the dictionary details online; though they do explicitly note AppleScript support for batch OCR operations.

How do you check the AppleScript directory?

Sorry realised the problem, I had the option checked to ask if I wanted to OCR the document. If you uncheck that box the apple script works perfect

How to open and use an AppleScript directory.

Along the same lines, I have a OSC/Hazel question as well.

Anyone have tips for having PDFpenPro OCR batch process files picked by Hazel?

I’d like to have Hazel OCR process scanned files from my ScanSnap. I am aware the scanner can deliver OSC, just think PDFpenPro makes better OCR output.

Take a look at this thread.

Found this from Rose Mary.

Works just fine :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose @RosemaryOrchard has been called “Rose Mary” since she was a small child. :slight_smile: