Create a form that adds contact to phone?

Is it possible to have a form that will create and add a contact to the phone?

Do you mean a web form, or some kind of form on your phone ?

On my phone.

Where I can hand it to someone and they fill it out.

See this thread -

I think you’ll run into the same issue where the actual adding of the contact needs to be manually confirmed.

It is technically possible to prompt for input and create a contact. Depending on your needs, you could use one or more Alerts and with text fields. Then add the contact with the Contacts bridge.

Another interesting alternative could be to build the form in HTML, load it into a web view using WebView.loadHTML() and extract the values later with evaluateJavaScript. I’m not exactly sure how this would be done but I think it might be possible.

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I’d love to know how to do this - I have been working a bit with a table-based filter in HTML and it works great except I haven’t figured out how to capture the selection…

In Editing large amounts of text in Shortcuts, I reference the text added into a textarea element in an HTML page I use Scriptable to display. Scriptabe is passed some text, allows the user to edit it in a large HTML textarea, and then returns the new content at the end.

You could extend the approach used into this for any number of form elements. I actually suggest it could be the basis for a custom web based interface for things in the final section of the post, which I think is exactly what is being suggested here.

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