Adding contacts whit Siri


Im working a lot whit older visually impaired people how use lots of Siri to make phone calls answering and sending SMS. Also lots of other stuff. Most of time people are happy that they can do this using Finnish language.

I get lot off questions can you use Siri to input contact info. Before Siri shortcuts my answer was no but now Im not so sure. Some of you can do amazing things whit Shortcuts and Scirptable so do you think this is possible to input contacts to your iOs devise using just your voice. And if you tell me that in USA its possible I can tell you that in Finland its not.

If its posible my knowledge of Shortcuts is not good enough to make this possible. If this can be done you would help many visually impaired people in Finland life more independent lives.

Thank you
Kalle Lahtinen

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Sure - here’s a demo of how to get started:

It works by putting everything into an object named with a vCard extension so Shortcuts recognizes that it’s a contact. Right now it just asks for name and home phone number but you can add other contact details by using the same sequence of actions.

I’ve included a text object with a sample vCard showing the possible fields.

Presumably you’ll want to change the prompts and dictation objects to Finnish . Also there’s an object in there which sets a default country code for the phone # which you can adjust.

The only trick is that while it creates a contact it can’t add it to Contacts - this has to be done manually using the share sheet from the preview at the end.

Let me know if you need more help customizing for your needs.

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The Note for John Doe was great! :laughing:

Haha I didn’t write it - credit goes to

2002 and the format still works perfectly. long time in computer years.

Thank You @dfay

But is there any possibility to add the contact strait to contacts? Mostly people I work whit use VoiceOver and if possible don’t want to do to swipes and double taps that are required to operate whit VoiceOver.

Don’t get me wrong. This helps lot and I will be using this whit the people I work.

Not at this point. The only way I can see would be to have the shortcut save the vcard file to an always-on Mac running Hazel then have Hazel call an Applescript to add to Contacts on the Mac. But that’s not going to be a feasible solution for most users.

Hopefully Apple will be updating Shortcuts and adding capabilities like adding a contact - but it’s not there yet.

FYI I just emailed requesting they add a shortcuts action to Add a Contact . Can’t hurt to tell them.

If you switch the Quick Look to be an ‘Open In…’ action, set to always be Contacts, you should only get an in Contacts preview with option to save the contact. I’ve used this approach with vCard construction in Workflow (not recently in Shortcuts) before and it’s worked for me.

The voice over in Contacts I assume is pretty reasonable (being a core app), so it shouldn’t be too onerous as a final confirmation step. But I’m just guessing on that last one.

Seem that you can’t select Contact or Phone in Open in… action.

Or maybe its just my phone or region :smiley:

I will do that also. Hope we get it.

But like I said. This helps a lot

Thank You

Hmm I was able to add the Open In… action successfully…

Here is a link to the modified version