Who would you like to see as a guest?


What is your wishlist of possible guests on the show?

I’m going to go with:

Federico Viticci
CGP Grey
Matthew Cassinelli


All the above and some other usual suspects:

Gabe Weatherhead
Tim Nahumck
Brett Terpstra

  • Sal Soghoian (Automator, Omni)
  • Greg Pierce (Drafts)


The developers of Keyboard Maestro and Default Folder X (I have no affiliation with them other than very happy users of their products) and I’m sure many would like to see the developers of Alfred as well (and maybe LaunchBar,…). Maybe from them we can gain some insight into how Apple is approaching the future of automation.

  • Greg Pierce (Agile Tortoise, Drafts)
  • CGP Grey
  • Sal Soghoian (former Applescript dev)


Great ideas here! Keep it coming! :grinning:


Workflow dev team to talk about Siri shortcuts :wink:


Fraser Speirs
Katie Floyd
Peter Lewis (Keyboard Maestro)


I like your choices too. All 3 :wink:


It would be interesting to have someone on that is Windows + iOS focused for automation to get potential ideas on how to incorporate automation cross-platform. I’m not aware of anyone, but it would be something worth discussing if someone is very knowledgeable.


Well gosh :innocent:


Make sure to hit up Bakari Chavanu of Mac Automation tips! Especially if you want to cover BetterTouchTool.


All of the above, plus possibly
Nick Moore of Pilotmoon (maker of PopClip etc.)
Thanh Pham of Asian Efficiency
— I’d also suggest the guys over at Devon Technologies and Lemke Software (GraphicConverter) as they have taken the trouble to add actions to Automator :+1:


Have a preferred one? :wink:



I honestly believe there’s a big gap here (maybe even with scope for a a new podcast :grinning: ) to cover Windows+iOS workflows as many of us are not allowed to choose Apple products at work.


Dr. Drang
Merlin Mann
Mike Schmitz of Asian Efficiency
TJ Luoma
Todd Olthoff
Shawn Blanc


Sorry I don’t have names, I’d prefer not the usual people from other Mac podcasts. This podcast needs to be different and not the same peeps talking about different stuff! Sorry if my thoughts come across as negative. Im really looking forward to the podcast


think there could be a balance but I also agree that it would be very nice to have “new voices” on this podcast


Heck yes, Federico and Matt I think would have some especially cool stuff to offer! I’m gonna put a +1 for Greg Pierce too, since I think he’d have some awesome Drafts automations to share.


Another Suggestion: Wade Foster, Co-founder and CEO of Zapier.

He was interviewed on a friend’s podcast a while back and I found it very interesting to hear his perspective. Among other things, I learned how to pronounce Zapier correctly (it rhymes with happier :slight_smile:).