Who would you like to see as a guest?

  • AppleScriptObjC guru Shane Stanley
  • Script Debugger developer Mark Aldritt
  • and add my vote for Peter Lewis, Brett Terpstra, and Sal Soghoian!


Tim Nahumck (nahumck here in this community, and everywhere else I guess :smile: ).


Jordan Merrick would be a person to consider.


The developer behind Hazel, at Noodlesoft?


Aside from the obvious, I second Jordan Merrick. He always had some great ideas when writing in at Workflow. Second only to Rosemary herself, but you know, you can’t really have her first now, can you?


Eventually some listeners to see how they use automation and tricks they’ve learned from the show


Not a specific guest by name, but I would really love if a pro photographer came on as a guest to talk through automating photography tasks on iOS and macOS.

Best practice in batch processing, DAM (on iOS), etc should make for a great episode.


I’d love to see one of the LaunchBar developers as a guest.


Dr. Drang (not sure of his real name) from leancrew.com


Earlier today I started a thread about apps that have Windows variants that you can use at work in the MacPower Users Discourse.

I would be VERY interested in hearing from someone on this subject


I agree with this idea for an interesting guest. This is exactly the the show the could positively impact me and my work.


K. Jay Miller https://kjaymiller.github.io
Jason Burk https://burk.io


Ken Case
Curt Clifton


It might be a long shot but David Allen of GTD fame. Someone from Omni to talk about their automation efforts.


Any of the Workflow team if Apple would let them.

Paul Kim Noodlesoft - Hazel

Andrew Pepperrell - Alfred app

Federico Viticci


Matt Neuburg, author of AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, which is my favorite AppleScript book. Neuburg is not just an outstanding tech writer, he’s an outstanding teacher. That book taught me more about the concepts of programming than any single book I’ve ever read. I’d love to hear what automation techniques and technologies he’s using today. (And my guess is that he’s not using much AppleScript.)


TIm @nahumck
Peter Davison-Reiber
More from @Sal

  • Developers behind Exist.io (Lifelogging/Quantified Self stuff), Josh and Belle (in Australia!)
  • a “Launcher Panel” with people from Alfred, Launchbar, PhraseExpander etc.
  • Robert Spivack, the Home Automation guy who was a guest on MacPowerUsers


I would really like to hear from someone who truly works multi-platform as opposed to the Apple-only people who seem to be on the majority of podcasts I listen to. I think there are a lot of us who are using Windows for work and iOS/Mac at home, so I would love some exposure to automation in that regard.


Automating Windows: those two words sound fraught with danger, don’t they? I don’t want to automate Windows. I want to decimate it, burn, shred, deconstruct and dismember it. Nothing was ever made in vain but, like the fly, Windows 10 came near it. (Apologies to Mark Twain). Seriously, I struggle with Windows. I find the UI unintuitive and often baffling. It’s a brave soul who’ll attempt to automate that beast. Thankfully though, at the end of October, I’ll be bidding it all a not-so-fond farewell, together with my company laptop. Semi-retirement and the glowing, fruit-filled world of macOS and iOS beckon enticingly. Can’t wait…

As for a choice of guest, I’ll add another vote for the Grand Noodler himself, the creator of Hazel. I think that would make for a feature rich episode.