Using Shortcuts to generate Shortcut iCloud Link

Hello fellow Automators!

I am looking to backup some of my infrequently used Shortcuts to a base in Airtable.

I created a Shortcut to pick my Shortcut(s) from the list of all Shortcuts. I have been able to extract the Shortcut Name and use Shortcutify to insert a record in my Airtable base. Where I am having an issue is generating the iCloud link for the chosen Shortcut.

I know that when you share a Shortcut via the Share Sheet, the iCloud link is generated, so not all is lost, yet would prefer not to open each Shortcut and then share the link.

Any ideas on how to generate the iCloud link via a Shortcut action?

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Well if you use the Get Link to action you can generate it.

But you will get a confirmation…

Hope that helps.

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Works perfectly. Thank you!

For those that are interested, I was using the “Get Link from Input” prior and that was not generating the link.

Hi @jamesus, the following Siri shortcut does not solve your request, but would be a backup alternative with iCloud Drive:

BART Backup Shortcut