Turn on the Flashlight with Siri?

Do you know of a video that shows how to make the flashlight go on with siri?

Not a video, but here are a couple of screenshots that might help?

Via Siri.

Via Siri Shortcuts app.

Thanks. I’m trying to figure out how to do it.

I thought you had to make a workflow. I didn’t realize it does it automatically.

To control it with your voice, you need to make a Shortcut. I have one with a Harry Potter twist here.

You don’t need to make a shortcut to control the light with Siri. The first example I posted above above involves no Siri Shortcuts. It’s just pure, standard Siri integration with the device hardware.

The use of Shortcuts simply enables the definition to Siri of a custom verbal trigger.

ah. I read it too fast. my bad.

I thought you needed a short cut to use the light, it’s cool that you don’t. Thanks for all the info.

Can you turn it off with Siri?

Yes. Same principle allies and a very simple test to try on any Siri enabled iOS device :wink:

So how can I change the name of the flashlight to a word of my choice ? How can i make a short cut for this? Or do I not need a short cut?

This is mine. I just recorded a verbal command of Flashlight and when I say “heySiri, flashlight” ittoggles itonor off accordingly.

The frustrating part is how long it takes… I could break my neck if I needed it in a hurry. :slight_smile:

If you make a shortcut you can record any phrase to trigger it you like.

Jim how do get to the image you posted? I don’t see it in my short cuts.

I search for flashlight and it is an option. I noticed from previous posts that apparently in other countries it is called “torch” so try that too.

Technically, you are not changing the name of the flashlight or the action. The action name in the Shortcuts app will always remain the same (base on your selected language). You are actually adding a new trigger word to run a custom Shortcut which does the something pre-programmes into the system. The difference is the word the action is triggered with and the additional processing to do it. The advantage is though that you define the trigger and you can enhance the action(s).

I think that You do need a custom Shortcut if you are going to define an additional trigger phrase for this. Because it is inbuilt in Siri, I don’t think you’ll get it as a native suggested shortcut.

You create custom Shortcuts in the Shortcuts app downloadable from the App Store. Then once you have selected the light bringing action of your choice you can set the trigger phrase by selecting these options.


Thanks for all the help everyone. I got it working. It’s pretty cool. But certain things I can’t figure out if it is better or what the advantage is saying a trigger word instead of just saying Siri do this and Siri do that. But it’s definitely interesting to play with.

I covered the only advantages I could see in the previous response.

Overall it’s all pretty cool with short cuts, I just have to get use to it.