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I thought it might be a cool idea to put some shortcuts here in this thread that we create and others might find helpful.

As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a way to submit to the Gallery anymore (or, I’m just not seeing it). Either way, they probably don’t get approved too quickly (or often).

Post yours below and I’ll do my best to update this thread with new ones.



Turn on your Flashlight Told Siri to listen for “Lumos” - I couldn’t resist
by fischgeek

Turn off your Flashlight Told Siri to listen for “Nox”
by fischgeek

Get the forecast for upcoming trips Requires Carrot and a synchronized calendar
by @GregS Origin Topic

Create or Read a QR Code Reads a QR Code without using your camera
by fischgeek

Morning Review Runs through a select set of apps for a morning review
by @twhitedev412 Origin Topic

Editing and Deploying a Website Using Shortcuts, Netlify, and Working Copy
by @JoshFarrant Origin Topic

Plan My Week An OmniFocus Shortcut
by @ThomasW Origin Topic

Radios Test Checks the cellular network state for use of toggling Airplane mode
by @sylumer Origin Topic

Lorem Epsum Generator Generate some text!
by @martijnengler Origin Topic

Random Student Picker Picks a random student for the current class or shows a menu
by @GraemeS

Shortcuts Menu Corral your Shortcuts into a nice menu but filter out those unneeded ones with a custom filter
by @GraemeS

Philips Hue Control your lights with Shortcuts. I mostly made these to fade on demand
Please see this topic
by fischgeek

RoutineHub Responsive nice looking tables in a Shortcut, easily.
Origin Topic
by @entee

Health & Fitness


Get the Daily Verse from YouVersion They don’t have an API so I had to do some trickery
by fischgeek

Cooking Recipes Choose to either “go shopping” or “start cooking
by @JKoopmans Origin Topic

Profile Switcher allows you to configure and switch between profiles
by @supermamon Origin Topic

Weight to BMI Calculator Calculates your BMI based on your weight
by @Woteva Origin Topic



Get movie info Quickly get movie information
by @GregS Origin Topic

YouTube Audio to Overcast Convert a YouTube video’s audio to Overcast
by @JoshFarrant Origin Topic

Today’s Playlist Plays a prechosen playlist for the given day
by @GraemeS Origin Topic

Lottery Quick Pick 2.0 Selects random numbers to play on the local lottery games in South Carolina, USA [Can be modified to fit other US States]
by @iBanks Origin Topic



Math Practice Practice your arithmetic with customizable options
by fischgeek Origin Topic


Anyone else have a Shortcut they’d like to share?

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Random Student Picker

Here’s one I put together today for my teaching.
There may be better ways to do this, but by entering 2 text strings (one for your timetable and one for class lists), it picks a random student for the current class or presents a menu for all classes even you don’t have a class now.
If you tap on the name it picks another student from the class till all have been picked.

It’s slow if run within the app due to screen refreshes, but quick from the widget.

Timetable format: 1=Mon,0800,0905,ClassA&2=Mon,0905,1010,ClassB
Classes format: ClassA=Andi,Anne&ClassB=Bob,Bonnie


Sweet! I added it above. Thanks for the addition, it was getting lonely in here. :wink:

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I love that you solved the removing an item from a list problem!

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Credit where it’s due, I did use @supermamon’s tip to do it :slight_smile:
I hadn’t realised the filter files action (or that you could set the variable type) until I saw that post.

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Shortcut Menu
Here’s another, this time a simple automated menu to list all Shortcuts that don’t have a pre-chosen character (.) and let you run one.

It was inspired by @MacSparky’s ‘off the deep end’ idea, but then being frustrated by the slowness of running Shortcuts from the home screen. This lets me have lots of Shortcuts in the widget and not manually curate the list.
Does anyone know if the iPhone Xs runs Shortcuts from the home screen significantly faster than my 6?

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Nice. I’m going to add another Filter command to mine because I have pre-pended names for categorical purposes. This will work out nicely! Thanks for sharing!