Trying to create an MPG tracker using Scriptable stuck on creating a file bookmark

The idea is that i replace Fuelly app that i use to use with my old car. I have this shortcut that I have created. The app asks me a series of questions when I am at the pump about my mileage, price / gal, total cost or total gallons filled, and if this is a full fill up vs partial and if i missed a fill up the last time. Then it creates a dictionary or JS object and should send it over to scriptable so that scriptable can consume this data, and consume my database.json i have saved on the shortcuts file folder (Shortcuts / MPGTracker / database.json). This json database is an array of objects. Scriptable should take this array and extract the last entry and extract value of the key called mileage then calculates MPG based on current mileage - last mileage, and fills that into the new object it got from shortcuts, and then finally will add the object to the array and save the file back. This way i have a large database.

However, i am stuck on just how to get a file bookmark.


It keeps crashing when i try to grab the file. The file is pretty empty right now just has 2 objects in 1 array.

You posted this on your initial thread as well. :thinking:

Double posting in the same forum either leads to dead threads or split conversations, neither of which is beneficial.

I’ve posted a shortcut that works for me on that original thread and made a suggestion should it crash for you.

Well i guess i figured that it be best to start a thread and not continue the other one as i didn’t want to hijack another person’s questions. Usually prefer to have keep threads on topic and if my issue is different i should post it somewhere else. Sort of like creating jira issues. Thank you i will check it out.