Help Creating Bookmark to Folder using Shortcuts Action

Hi everyone!
I’m fairly new to Scriptable/JavaScript in general, but so far it’s been very fun to learn! One thing I am having trouble understanding, however, is how to go about creating a bookmark to a folder from ios Shortcuts.
In particular, I would like to create a bookmark to a Readdle Documents 6 folder to save an item and save a file to said folder using the shortcut, but I am unsure of how to use the shortcuts action to create a bookmark. More specifically, how should I define which folder I want to access and how should I feed this to the shortcuts “create a file bookmark” action? Should I create a text file with the path to said folder and use this as the input to the shortcuts action? I’ve tried this, but have had no success yet:( If anyone could lend me a hand I would really appreciate it as I have always wanted a way ti automatically save a file from shortcuts! Thanks!

Are you trying to save a file from Shortcuts or a file from Scriptable?

Shortcuts can save files to any folder, but if you want it automatic, then it would need to be within the Shortcuts folder structure.

Scriptable can create file system bookmarks, but the bookmarks are for use in Scriptable (either standalone or via the Shortcuts calling); but that isn’t the same as making such a bookmark available for Shortcuts to us, only Scriptable when triggered from Shortcuts.

At least that’s my current understanding.

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