Toggl + Raycast custom script

Recently been checking out Raycast—an Alfred-like alternative—and created an integration with Toggl. Raycast let’s you build your own scripts in lots of different languages (built mine in NodeJS) and then access and run them by alias, keyboard shortcut, or by typing the name.

Full explanation, installation instructions, etc. here: GitHub - coding-in-public/raycast-toggl-extension

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What are your thoughts on what it offers that Alfred doesn’t?

I haven’t tried it out. I’ve still only checked out the website, and I wasn’t clear on what it would offer me that I was not already able to do with Alfred.

*Note re. the one reply to me in that thread, you can parse multiple arguments in Alfred workflows, but there is no way to natively pop-up a custom data entry form.

Hey, @sylumer! I should mention I’m not a heavy Alfred user, so I’m probably not super well-equipped to make a comparison. This is the first and only thing I’ve built with Raycast, too (just saw Raycast Friday for the first time). So far I’ve enjoyed the ability to just write in JS rather than mess with some other interface and I appreciate the aesthetic. Sorry I can’t be of more help!


I got around to walking through the set up of my Toggl script in a video.

@RosemaryOrchard this seems like something you’d like :smiling_face: