Raycast - an Alfred alternative but with more focus on scripts

Just stumbled upon this and thought it could interest some folks here:

Looks like a promising Launchbar/Alfred alternative for people who also love scripting and APIs, such as those Automators.fm folks! :wink:

Still n early days, but looks promising thus far.


I’ve just had a brief scan through the web site and the manual. Beyond the set of app developer created extensions listed on the web site, I’m not seeing anything that jumps out at me as particularly different to what Alfred’s feature set currently offers.

Does anyone have any insight in what it is that this app is doing around scripting, or anything else, that puts it above and beyond Alfred in an specific area?

Indeed, @sylumer
The only thing that got my eye was how neat it handles multiple arguments and creates forms for intricated API calls with multiple variables.

In Alfred, AFAIK, you can only enter one argument at the time and its line interface will not render a full form with a bunch of fields (been using KBM for that, so no news here either).

Nevertheless I still didn’t took it for a spin, but am planning to do it this weekend.

Now that some time has passed I’m curious to hear if there is any additional feedback on Raycast and its value as compared to Alfred? Worth a look?

For what it’s worth, Alfred can accept multiple arguments and for more complex form stuff I would also use Keyboard Maestro (or Drafts) to generate an HTML form.

For me there was no draw to look at it over what I was already using. It wasn’t going to make anything new possible or anything existing any simpler. :man_shrugging:t2:

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