Time tracking app

Is there a very simple time tracking app for iOS? I just want to track how much time I spend on my lunch break.
Exporting data in CSV or some text format is critical since I export data from all my apps to 1 app that generates a nice timeline for me.
It isn’t necessary but would be nice to have Siri and Shortcuts integration so that I can just tell to Siri that I started my lunch break and that I could export my data with a shortcut.

So far I tried:

  • TimeTrack Free
  • TrackingTime
  • Tyme 2

But all of these apps were either lacking export or were too complex for my use case.

It sounds like what you want is Toggl. The free version will let you export CSV reports in addition to some nice charts.

The paid version adds Excel export and some richer graphical reporting, but unless you’re looking across a team the free version is excellent.

David and Rosemary cover Toggl in episode #15: Automated Time Tracking

Yeah, the Shortcut integration is nice for starting and stopping clocks. But the exporting of csv from the web app is a major pain. Especially since I cannot do it on my iPhone :grimacing:
So far this is the best app but far from perfect

I used this a few years ago. It output csv data nicely.

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Possibly too much for just tracking your lunch break, but in case others are looking for recommendations, I have been using aTracker Time Tracker on and off for years.

My use case for time tracking is less about tracking the time spent on particular projects and more about working out how I have spent my day.

The UI is pretty ugly and honestly I would prefer to use Toggl (it’s so much shinier)—but what I like about it is that it has a pie chart view which includes untracked time. I log time where I am doing something useful or productive or necessary in some way (for example, working, reading, or sleeping) so the idea is that at the end of the day I can get a sense of how much of the day I actually utilised.

It has Siri shortcuts support which was a nice surprise when I picked it back up again.

And it also has the ability to prompt you to create time tracking events from a calendar, which is handy.

This is exactly what I’m doing too, finding out how much time did I utilize in a day. But I’m using multiple apps so I created a tool to generate a timeline for me.

I’ve running through time tracking apps lately and found Timelines to be pretty goood, integrates well into widgets and does good reporting. Other than that Toggl was ok and Clockify.me; both free.