I'm working on an app that generates a timeline based on any time tracking data

So I’m using LifeCycle and Timing to track my time. And I find it really frustrating that I cannot see daily timelines from both apps at the same time in the same place. So I’m working on an app that generates a timeline of my day.

Like this:

The blue items are from LifeCycle, the green items are from LifeCycle and the red is also from Timing but it is Lunch so it got a special highlight.

This timeline includes:

  • Phisicly where I spend my time from LifeCycle
  • It gets workouts from the Activities and Apple Health apps (via LifeCycle)
  • My sleeping habits (via LifeCycle)
  • When I’m working from Timing

I’m planning on making this software open source and I made it very easy to add support to any app that exports data to CSV, PLIST, JSON or any other text-based format. So if people are interested I can add support to many other apps.

Is this something anyone is interested in? Should I make this into a proper open-source project so that anyone can install, use and customize it or should I just leave it as is on GitHub as a pet project?

This might be interesting, but it’s probably a lot of manual work for users?

If I would be using it I would like support for Geofency and some sleep tracking Apps (Pillow, Sleep++, AutoSleep).

Currently I have a setup where the file paths are predefined in a preferences file. So I export all my files into the same folder always.

This way I just need to run 1 command line command. You could even run it with siri shortcuts with the SSH item.

So the only manual part is the exporting. But I do know that timing can export with a scrip so I’m planning on implementing that. And I really wish that iOS apps could export with shortcuts because then 100% of this could be done with a shortcut.

As for the recommended apps, thanks for the suggestions, I’ll put theme in my Trello board. Also as of now since Lifecycle collects sleep data and I collect lifecycle data, every sleep tracking app is supported. :grinning:

Where are you getting the LifeCycle data from I’m curious.

Lifecycle has an option to export the database in Settings->advanced->database

This is the app if you’re looking for it:

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