Sneak peek: Pushcut Automation Server [Experimental]

I made a quick demo video to show you what I was doing as a little side-mission during the holidays:

You can basically turn a dedicated iOS device into a “server” - using Shortcuts and HomeKit as “server actions” - and trigger them through secure web requests from anywhere.

While I understand that this will not be all too interesting for the masses, I hope that a few automation enthusiasts will be really happy with this. The only hurdle left is App Review… we’ll see how it goes :wink:



As I said in /r/pushcut …

That for me is a problem: It doesn’t solve my “35,000 feet” problem…

… Ideally my Raspberry Pi could do a HTTP GET to Pushcut without going via a network other than a direct Bluetooth connection.

(I was referring to the perhaps necessary design of going via an internet service.)

I hear you, and I might add that as a side-door as well in the future. My thinking is that for the vast majority of people the “tunnel” through a web API is the preferred option.

Because (and this might be a biased software developer opinion): Configuring networks is boring ; )

Well, if my iPad showed up as BigPad.local on a network it doesn’t matter how it got there. Mostly that would be automatic*. The Bluetooth case is the rarity - though perhaps it shouldn’t be.

  • Which pleases me as I’m not a Networking SysProg either. :slight_smile:

It just occurred to me that the notion of a “dedicated server” needs yet more clarification…

… I “gave” my old iPhone 6S+ to work. It’s currently running iOS 13 so easily meets the software criterion for the Automation Server.

It’s rare that I get a phone call but I do get Slack and email notifications quite a few times a day. I could switch those off if need be…

… What would happen to the Automation Server if there was an interruption of some sort/

  • An inbound phone call?
  • A notification?

Maybe this iPhone is “good enough”.

I do not think notifications would be a problem, a call would most likely cause the server to “pause” processing requests.

To be honest, I do not know if iOS returns to the last app in the foreground after a call - I will need to test. But in general I would suggest - if you are planning on using the Automation Server “seriously” - turn off phone calls, notifications, auto-updates … anything, really ; )

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