Automate Shortcuts And HomeKit Scenes Without User Interaction

Hi Automators,

The Pushcut Automation Server feature is available for everybody in the latest version!
(enable in Settings first)

I posted a demo video clip here:

Now that I know it is allowed, I will polish it up a bit more. But the basics work just fine as they are!

Does this enable any automation project for you that was impossible before?
Let me know what you think!

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It looks good but two things:

  1. How old a piece of equipment will it run on? I ask as it’s only the oldest discards that people would want to dedicate to this. (Newer discards tend to go to relatives.)
  2. Does an automation run without intervention? Any limitations on that?

anything running iOS 12 should do.

as long as shortcuts return without alerts or user input dialogs, it will run without intervention.

the only limitations I have/will put in place are (for server cost reasons):

  • requests per day (will be high enough for every normal case)
  • MB transferred per request/day (again, only to prevent crazy stuff)
  • timeout (the server will currently only wait 15 s for a response)

other than that, this thing should just do what it says and “process” requests all the livelong day ; )

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Then I wonder how cheaply I can pick up a minimum-supported-spec device.

Isn’t saying ‘automate shortcuts’ somewhat repetitive?