Simple but useful: Open Batch Export window in ScreenFlow

Here’s a simple script I wanted to share today: a quick way to get to the Batch Export window in ScreenFlow. My filter is always the same: Do I do this thing frequently enough to justify scripting it? Here, the answer is, again, “Yes!”

ScreenFlow_Open to Batch Export

There is not much to write home about here. (I put comments in the script):

  • Since ScreenFlow is not addressable via AppleScript, I used the do shell script command to open the app.
  • I created a keyboard shortcut for the File > Batch Export… menu in ScreenFlow and used System Events to call it using keystroke
  • As mentioned in the comments, adjust that line of code to fit your desired keyboard shortcut. Since I set mine to Control-B, the line reads:
    keystroke "b" using control down

That’s it! Again…not your massive script here, but one I use a lot and that saves me a little time. If I can avoid driving the mouse on my screen, my life is better. It lives happily in the Script menu on my menu bar, alongside other useful Finder scripts. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @JFBmusic for sharing the script :+1:

Since I am not the best at editing scripts, I use the App Keyboard Maestro. I have created presets to export a project, which run as follows:

after the mouse click the workflow runs automatically, except for the selection of the file name (with TextExpander)

  1. I select the desired preset (format) with a mouse click.

  2. The App Amphetamine is started and keeps my Mac awake for the time of export.

  3. When the export, which may take some time, is complete, Amphetamine is stopped and ScreenFlow is minimized in the Dock.

  4. Since I am not always near my Mac during this time, I get a push notification of the completed export via the App Pushover on all iDevices.

In this video an example:

Here is the Keyboard Maestro macro for this:

Wonderful macro you built there, @alexxander! Cute music to go with it, too.

Have you found that your Mac will go to sleep during a ScreenFlow export?

I have several Keyboard Maestro macros that I use with ScreenFlow also, which really helps with repetitive tasks. I posted one on the Episode 31 thread yesterday.

Thanks for sharing, love the work.


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Thank you very much for your kind words @JFBmusic. With music it is more pleasant to watch.

It hasn’t happened yet. But I’m playing it safe with the App Amphetamine :wink:

Unfortunately my English is not the best, I do all my translations with an online translator. I will try to follow the podcast.