Automators 31: Making Your ScreenFlow Flow and More with J.F. Brissette

Really liked the recommendation for the Taming The Terminal podcast. I use the terminal fairly regularly but definitely more in a “hacking” way. Looking forward to learning more about it.


Another great episode!

It’s worth noting that the Expressions app that J.F. referenced is available on Setapp.


Hi, and thanks for the shoutout, glad you enjoyed the show.

Allison and Bart are a delight to listen to, and I know you’ll learn a lot from this series.

I also mentioned Kevin Skoglund and cannot recommend his courses enough if you want to learn more about regular expressions, and one of my favourites Unix utilities: awk.


Thank you, Tim!

That is where I discovered Expressions. I’ve enjoyed the way it’s laid out and its modern look.


You’re very welcome. Setapp is a great place to discover new apps.

p.s. Thanks for everything you shared, @JFBmusic!

Have been a long time MPU listener and love the automation focus here. Been a subscriber since Day 1.

Never posted but I thought I would share a Keyboard Maestro macro I created that saves me a bunch of time. Let’s say this and the HomeKit automation episode I listened to while cutting the grass got me motivated.

I use screenshots a lot in my day to day IT work. I send screenshots a lot to convey ideas. I also use iMessage with my international team every day, multiple times a day.

So with a quick Caps Lock + 4 (hat tip to Karabiner) will take a screenshot and put it to the clipboard. Then, KM takes over with a Caps Lock + M key (again thanks to Karabiner) and KM then:

  • Opens the Messages app
  • Presses CMD +N for a new message
  • .3 second pause
  • tab key
  • .1 second pause
  • tab key
  • .1 second pause --> these two tabs get us the message content field where you can type your message.
  • CMD+V for pasting from the clipboard.
  • SHIFT+Tab twice to go back to the To: field so that you can type in the recipients email address or phone number.

Your on your own to send with whatever keyboard shortcut you’d like. This is a hot off the press rev. 00001 so please take this as it is (it works) and have fun modifying it to suit your own needs.

I can see some combination of TextExpander’s scripting so that I could answer questions and form fill from a list of recent recipient addresses, etc. but for now, I have a working macro that fills the need.

If you like it, you can download it here:

In other news, I’m using my QNAP to run 3 containers (homebrige, home assistant, and pi-hole) and will be going through all the Automators content to get my HomeKit-fu up to speed. Done with Google and Amazon, and will be exclusively HomeKit going forward (maybe :grinning:)


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Hey Everyone,

Wanted to know if there are ScreenFlow Keyboard Maestro macros that have been shared? Macros that could be shared for everyone who uses KM and ScreenFlow?

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