Shortcuts: disappearing menus when one shortcut runs another shortcut

Just wondering if anyone has seen a similar problem with shortcuts that has just popped up for me.

For some reason, shortcuts that used to run just fine are now giving me an issue. Specifically, shortcuts run directly from the Shortcuts app run fine, but when they are launched from another shortcut using the Pushcut “Run Shortcut” action. When I do that, any menu, list or alert in the shortcut being run is immediately disappearing.

I am suddenly having this issue in multiple shortcuts out of nowhere.

If this rings any bells to anyone, this is a quick screen capture video of what it’s looking like when I run a Shortcut successfully from the app:
Shortcut runs successfully

And here’s where the input box appears and disapears when the same shortcut is run from another shortcut:
Shortcut Problems

these are both shortcuts that used to work fine.

Suspiciously, I had another Shortcut giving me the error message “The runner quit unexpectedly” right around the same time.

I tried deleting the entire shortcuts app and redownloading it. Also deleted and reinstalled Pushcarts, and of course rebooted the phone multiple times.

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Can’t say for sure but this might be a bug where basically a second dialog shown quickly after the first hangs. Forum user @atnbueno just made me aware of it in this post. Short answer: adding a Go to Home Screen action or a Wait action before the dialog might do the trick.

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thanks for the heads up!

in my case, it was a corrupt shortcut action. I only noticed it when I opened the shortcut on my Mac and one of the actions said (something like) “This action not supported on this device”, which made no sense. when I deleted it and built that action again, it started working again fine.

But I am still going to check out the link you sent, just to know for the future!