Shortcut: Find heath sample delivers wrong data back?

For this month i get the Activity-challenge to walk 426 kilometers. So i thought i can get a reminder with the real values each morning with my morning routine, like “22 of 426 kilometers done.”. But it looks like i do something wrong, because the data that i get are not correct. :thinking:

I try two different ways: 1st i get the steps for today with the value via Details and
second i format the result from Find Health Samples for distance.

In both cases the values are too high. Any suggestions?

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I think the action pulls data from multiple sources eg a Fitbit/Apple Watch as well as the iPhone when you get the sample data it pulls all sources, but the Health app eliminates duplicated data. Try setting a single source that has the most reliable set of data eg health tracker/watch in the Find Health Samples


Just as a follow-up this seems to be the sort of issue someone else on the forum had previously.

There may be some useful points in there about examining the data.


Thx @entee and @sylumer - i tried it with an additional filter (data from iPhone or Watch), but get no data back in this cases. I will read the other tread. :+1:

Update: the hint from @FrankV (source is NOT iPhone) in the suggested thread fixed it for me too. Now i got the correct data for steps and distance. :+1: More work to do tomorrow. :slight_smile: