Send a delayed Message

After seeing a request for ideas on scheduling sending a text at a later date by @Tjluoma, I thought I’d share my i*OS version (the original request was cross-platform with a predominantly macOS need, hence the new topic) that uses Shortcuts, Data Jar and Pushcut Automation Server.

Originally, I had a Shortcut automation version, but that meant creating a series of timed triggers that would run to see if any messages were in Data Jar to send.

This version submits an entry to Pushcut Automation Server for any time in the future. Enter the time that you want the message to be received and the Shortcut will also work out the time it needs to be sent for the time zone of the recipient (the time zone offset is also stored in Data Jar). If the recipient is 8 hours behind you, enter -8 when prompted.

It’s a little rough and ready, but it does what I want it to do.

Anyway, I hope it is interesting/useful to at least a few.

Scheduled Messages