Select mobile number only from contact in Shortcuts

Is there a way to get only the mobile number from a contact with Shortcuts? If I have a home number or more than one number for a contact, I’m having trouble returning only the mobile one. Thanks!

This is based on an old example I created for someone around home address back in the early Workflow days. I’ve updated it and tailored for mobile phone number and it seems to work okay. See if it gives you the basis to build what you’re after.

Is this the only/simplest way to pull a specific number from Contacts?

It isn’t supported in the app and this was the first way I came up with when someone asked a similar question. I’ve never looked for another way to do it as this worked.

Utilising a third party app like Scriptable to pass the info back to Shortcuts is entirely possible, but that isn’t just a Shortcuts solution, and in that particular case requires some coding too. It isn’t too onerous as long as you know how to code it.

Thanks so much! I wouldn’t have thought of that method. Thanks so much, @sylumer!