Schedule shortcuts from shortcuts

Pushcut now comes with Shortcuts actions!

You can schedule shortcuts form shortcuts (by location and time), or smart notifications with multiple actions.

I also posted a quick video on twitter:

This was requested quite a few times, so I hope it will make a few of you happy and allow for useful automation.

Let me know what you think, Automators.


I mentioned this on twitter but I think this is an awesome idea. This is the feature that I can see getting me to try the app out on a more serious basis.

Just to be clear: you still have to run the triggered shortcut, yes?

yes, you need to tap on the “Run shortcut” notification.

as with everything shortcuts: there is no “automatic background” execution without a user interaction.

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Great update! What’s the reminder identified field inside the show notification action for? I have trie to add the name of a reminder there, but nothing happened.

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Yeah, sorry about that - there is basically no documentation for it yet.

The identifier is so you can override or cancel previously scheduled notifications/shortcuts.

The idea is that you can schedule a reminder for a certain condition - but if that condition is no longer given you can cancel the reminder (there is a separate cancel action).

Also, if you have a smart reminder for things where only the latest information is relevant, using the same identifier will do that for you.

I guess it wont be used much, but without the possibility to “undo” a scheduled notification the system felt incomplete.

Maybe somebody can come up with a proper example… ; )