Schedule and Location Triggers for Shortcuts

There’s been a lot of talk about using Launch Center Pro to schedule shortcuts or run via a location trigger but you can actually do this just as easily and more fluid (in my opinion) using the “Siri remind me of this later feature”

In short, go to the shortcut and invoke “Siri, remind me of this later” then edit the reminder for either location (arriving or leaving) or a certain time. When the reminder pops up you just click the icon and it takes you right to the workflow to run.

I detail it out a bit more here plus a video:


Absolutely brilliant!
A bit of a hack :slight_smile: , but still!


Thanks! Definitely a hack but seems the cleanest way given what we have.

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Just to clarify, in what sense is this a hack? Isn’t it just a standard, intentional feature?

Please note this was around as an option for Workflow quite some time ago, and it didn’t seem to be considered a hack when it was introduced.

Ok, maybe hack isn’t the right word it’s just not the ideal way this should work.

I wasn’t claiming to be the first one to come up with this. I had just not seen it before. Also, I never used workflow.

I wasn’t suggesting you were, and it is a useful thing to know. I just couldn’t figure out why people potentially viewed this as a “hack”. :man_shrugging:t2:

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How would you define it?

I see it as where someone finds a way of combining or subverting what they can get to in order to reach an outcome that was unintended or at least unexpected by those that originally put the elements in place.

But there are many dictionaries out there that I would assume give a more definitive position on the term.

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But will this work if Do not Disturb is on?

The icon will show up on the lock screen

“Unintended interfaces” is a recipe for things stopping working without notice.

Which is why I prefer it work with developers. Except Apple is ineffable. :frowning: :slight_smile:

Just added this feature to Pushcut - as described in this post.

I believe that is one of the simplest options yet.

@sliemeobn how do you like Pushcut???

well, I am the developer of Pushcut - so I think it is pretty awesome ; )
if enough customers agree, I hope be able to keep adding to it continuously.

how do you like Pushcut?

Ha ha . I haven’t played with it yet. If I want some shortcuts to alert me at certain locations, how many do i get for free?

you can define up to three different types of notification for free.
location triggers or number of shortcuts are not limited.