Pushcut Server on M1

Hey all… I have been meaning to get into Pushcut for awhile but haven’t had a dedicated iOS device to use for it.

Now I have an M1 MacBook and wonder: can it run on that, since iOS apps can run on M1?

That would be interesting: The restriction that the device has to be dedicated, while pretty close to true on iOS, might not be so necessary on a M1 Mac.

If so, that would make the Mac a more attractive place to run the Automation Server.

But I have to ask: What would you expect the server to be able to run? I don’t think, for example, you could run shortcuts.

I was assuming that the server would notify my iPhone, and the shortcut would run there.

Is that not how the Pushcut server works? I admit I haven’t looked into it because I haven’t had the opportunity to use it before now anyway.

If you mean the Automation Server, no. The shortcut runs on the Automation Server device.

(Perhaps @sliemeobn could comment on this.)

Well now that I think about it, that seems obvious.

Oh well. I guess I just need to buy another iPad!

(Narrator: “He does not need to buy another iPad.”)

Funny how the narrator’s voice sounds so much like my wife’s!


We’re waiting for the next iPad Pro shoe to drop. Meanwhile my 128GB original 12.9” iPad Pro just ran out of space… :slight_smile: