Pushcut: Run shortcuts from push notifications - now with schedules and location triggers!

I have it on the list to add a snooze button somewhere in the notification.
you could then select a duration or something like “when I arrive at home”.

is that what you mean by auto-snooze feature?

currently I am still busy with getting the watch app out the door and promoting the whole HomeKit notification angle a bit more, but snoozing might be the next thing I tackle for Pushcut. however, no date yet :confused:


Hi @sliemeobn, will it be possible in a future version to add an individual image to the pushcut notification?

Like here with a Pushover notification:

It would be a great visual aid to quickly distinguish the multitude of notifications.

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yes, it is definitely intended and not too far down the list!

thanks for reminding me though that people will care about this. makes it easier to get new versions out the door ; )


Many thanks for your quick feedback @sliemeobn :+1: I am looking forward to what is coming.

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Thanks @sliemeobn for the integration of the icons/pictures in today’s update. A very good support :+1:


thanks, I am happy that it is useful to people :blush:

I was actually thinking about this very forum thread when finally got this feature done ; )

btw, here is the reddit post for it:

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