Pushcut: Geofence and iBeacon triggers now support background actions, delayed notifications, and "do not repeat" durations

Following several feature requests by my dear customers, the latest version of Pushcut comes with more advanced settings for location-based triggers.
In addition, the new “background actions” feature can be used to trigger virtually any online or server-hosted automation based on your device’s location.

Trigger Integromat, Flow (Power Automate) or Zapier through integrations, or use web requests to trigger your custom services or IFTTT.

If you are into iBeacons (and you should be) - definitely check this one out.


I looked for iBeacons awhile ago (maybe a year ago now) and didn’t find any.

Can you recommend some brands (with URLs especially), and maybe how you’re using them?

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I really just went on amazon, typed in iBeacon, and ordered the fist cheap battery-powered thing I saw (see link below)

you set them up once with some app (each will have its own thing somehow), configure them in Pushcut (basically just copying the UUID in) and then you can use them exactly like a geofence. the great advantage is: you can target much smaller regions, and even “floors” or individual rooms.

I have one in my office room, one for the house, and one (for testing purposes only…) next to a McDonalds drive-through to ping me to open the McDonalds app : D

you can have computers act as an iBeacon too (eg: https://github.com/lgaches/BeaconEmitter), but I have never tried that.

it think I have these here, work just fine - but there are a few very similar ones:

For what it’s worth, there was at least a little bit of discussion on iBeacons in this thread at the end of last year. I was looking to try them out at home.

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I like these, especially the USB variety. I plug one into my multi-USB charger by my bed or desk, and it never runs out of battery.

I just discovered your app, and with this recent update, it looks like it can replace both Pushover and Geofency (at least for background webhooks). Well done!

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Hi, first post.
Purchased PushCut and have managed to get some functional automation going. However, as all here would know this is a slippery slope, it was not long before I had to get some iBeacons.
I purchased from bluecats. They are an option for anyone living in Australia (I am in Melbourne). Bluecats is in Sydney and have great support, not so much with Apple IOS but very helpful getting them set up as iBeacons.

If anyone needs a hand in setting these up, let me know happy to help. Still tweaking the broadcast strength not to get message too soon or too late. But getting the up and running was a little tricky.

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If anyone is looking for beacons in the UK, I can recommend this site: https://www.beaconzone.co.uk

I have never bought anything from there and have no affiliation with them, but I have often visited that site to read his blog entries and articles. That guy really knows what he is talking about, plus he has a really wide range of beacons on offer. The prices look higher that Amazon USA in general, but not by a huge amount.

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