Project Management in Apple Notes

Been experimenting lately with Apple Notes as a project management tool. Discovered some interesting features in the app, thought people here might find some interest in this.

In particular, I’ve discovered that the hyperlink feature for text can also be used to link to files in the Finder, messages from Mail can be dragged in and they turn into message hyperlinks, and even names can be hyperlinked with mailto: to make an easy way to message a client.

A lot of this stuff carries over to iOS as well. More details and screenshots on the blog post.

Includes a Shortcut posted here by @biznachio

I’ve only got a blank page with ads and the title, no blog post at all??

Thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed now.

Yep, it is. Thanks for that.
Nice post :+1:

Cool. I was drafting another post and it overwrote the content (due to using the long-click left-arrow history button in Safari to reach the “new post” page).

One thing I did not mention in the blog post is that a lot of this can be done in plain-text files when using nvALT, since it parses URLs as links for you. Even Finder file links.

The downside is that nvALT doesn’t seem to recognize “message:” URLs for Mail messages. It sees them as email addresses and opens a new Mail message compose window.

Here are some helpful AppleScripts to get the email message ID/link without drag/drop for use in Notes:

AppleScript to Link to Apple Mail Message — MacSparky

Working with email URLs on macOS – The Sweet Setup