Apple Notes hyperlink text shortcut

On iOS, Apple Notes doesn’t have a straightforward way to add hyperlinks. I created a handy shortcut utility to help Apple Notes users overcome this limitation.

The shortcut allows users to add rich text formatted as hyperlinks in two ways.

Using the first method, a user selects the text and runs the shortcut from the selection’s share menu. The shortcut notices the text and prompts the user for a URL. Lastly, the user pastes the formatted link over the existing selection.

Alternatively, users can run the shortcut without selecting text, and the shortcut will prompt you for a title and a URL. Shortcuts copies the formatted text to the clipboard for the user to paste into their note.

Rich Hyperlinks for Apple Notes

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If you want to get your links out of Notes, too…

I dig the two ways comms between Notes and Ulysses. Thanks for sharing!

Is there any way to get this working in macOS. I can create the Rich Text the markdown link, but after copying it to the clipboard, pasting doesn’t work