Problem sharing from Photos to Shortcut as Share Target



Hi Folks!

I have a shortcut for food tracking that starts by sharing a photo from Photos to Shortcuts and selecting my shortcut.

Yesterday it stopped working, mysteriously, giving me errors about being unable to convert “Extension item to text”.

I created a test shortcut that accepts Images and Media via share target and was able to verify that the shortcut is not receiving the photo, instead getting an “Extension item” that renders as (null) in Quick Look.

I’m running Shortcuts 2.1.3 (updated 2019-02-08) on iOS 12.1.4.

Here’s my simple test Shortcut:

And a screenshot of the Quick Look of the Shortcut’s input:

This feels like a broken permissions issue, but as far as I can tell Shortcuts has access to read and write my Photos. If I replace the share target version with a Select Photos action, the photo comes through fine.

Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

Thanks so much!


It happened with the latest app update. There’s a bit of discussion about it online as you might well imagine. I suspect it being photos related will trigger a pretty quick turnaround from the fruit company.


Thanks for that, sylumer! I’m glad to know it’s (probably) not user error.

I’d love any pointers to where I can follow the discussion. I’m not yet plugged in on where to find documentation and issues around Shortcuts in daily use beyond this forum and the Shortcuts subreddit.


The subreddit is probably the main place for general conversation. Trying to follow “Shortcuts” on Twitter is even harder than following mentions of “Workflow”, but there is mention there too.

The official documentation is available at:

Someone may have released a field guide too :wink:

But I think in general, this forum may be as good a place as any for a lot of this stuff; particularly if it’s an intersection between Shortcuts & other apps, and exploring options. I think in this case it is just that you are the first to post about it on here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: