Possible w/ Shortcuts to access relationships in contacts?

I have set up a number of relationships in my personal contact card. For example, I have a relationship for my assistant. Can I access those relationship as part of a Shortcut? I would like to send an e-mail to my assistant. Rather than having to hard-code her name/e-mail address in my shortcut, I’d rather access it from the relationship in my contact card. Possible to do?

It depends on what field you’ve placed this relationship in. Take a look at the filter options in the “Find Contacts” action and see if the field you’re using is an option.

Thanks. I had tried that. The relationships I’m talking about (like spouse, brother, etc.) are in the actual “relationship” field for the type of relationship, but those kinds of fields are not available (as far as I can tell) in Get Details of Contacts.

You can use the same technique I demonstrated in this thread.

The relationships show up in vCard based output like this.

It would be a case of parsing the vCard for the specific relationship you want, or enumerating the item# pairs of data.

Hope that helps.


This is a clever solution. I will give it a try. You mentioned in your referenced post the possibility of obtaining the information through Scriptable. I hadn’t considered that (and I was intentionally not looking for a solution external to Shortcuts) but I may also try that. Thank you.