Overcast CLI uploader

Hi Automators!
I’ve recently published a command line uploader to Overcast premium “Uploads” feed. Feedback and issues are welcome. Pre-build macOS binary is available in releases.

Also, I’ve gotten pretty good at Go in the meanwhile, so if you need to automate something IO-heavy or parallelized – feel free to drop a line.


Very handy and worked perfectly for me! Thanks!

I’m not too familiar with go, but I assume I have to build it first?

go build
in the directory works without errors and produces a cloudy-uploader executable.

There is no cloudyuploader (without a hyphen) and I can’t execute anything.
Sorry that I have to ask, but where am I going wrong?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

There is a pre-compiled version on GitHub.

(The clue with GitHub repos is always look for the tab named “Releases”. That’s usually where the pre-compiled versions will be if they aren’t linked to the main page.)

In this case if you go to https://github.com/Andrew-Morozko/cloudy-uploader/releases you will find a link to cloudyuploader_v1.0.0-alpha_macos.zip.

If you download and unzip that you will get a cloudyuploader file.

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Oh snap, usually I do. Somehow I first thought it would be similar to ruby or python scripts that are just executable and then why I ran the go help didn’t think you would have gone to this extent and provided a compiled version :man_facepalming:

Thank you, I will check it out this evening.