Overcast CLI uploader

Hi :slight_smile:

I just got Overcast Premium and of course I’d really like to automate uploading.

The CLI uploader looks like what I need but… Overcast is using my Apple ID credentials for my premium account, and I really don’t want to be including this super sensitive password in my scripts.

Has anyone else had this? Is there a workaround…?

Thanks very much for any help!

cloudyuploader can use the Keychain for the login information, so you don’t need to put your username/password in scripts at all.

Thanks! Sorry, I should have seen that…

No worries. Glad to help, and maybe someone else will see this and learn something too.

Awesome tool, thank you very much for this!
I have a question regarding upload speed - my internet connection is not the fastest (10 Mbit/s down / 16Mbit/s up) but even then, my upload rate to overcast is embarassingly slow:

A little less than 2hrs for 280MB @ ~50 KB/s. Is this normal? Is the bottleneck at Overcast?

My Internet is supposed to be ’20 up’ and I had a 293MB mp3 that I tested with cloudyuploader.

It took 4 minutes and 4 seconds, for an average of about 1.2 MB/s.

How long does it take if you upload something via https://overcast.fm/uploads and use your computer’s clock to track start/end time?

Looks like it’s my connection, I have similiar speeds on https://overcast.fm/uploads - it even interrupts sometimes and I have to restart.

Thank you!