Open Day One from Due

I want to open Day One from a recurring Due reminder, using this link: dayone://

But it’s not working, when I complete the reminder in Due, it doesn’t ask me to open Day One.

Can anyone help?

I think this was covered in one of your previous topic postings:

Due doesn’t launch URLs when you complete a task. When you get a notification, you can potentially trigger a URL from that notification.


Due does prompt whether one wishes to just complete or complete and open the assigned url in the title of the reminder.

But I’m just looking for a URL that will open a new entry in Day One when completing a recurring reminder in Due. If that exists?

Are you therefore just looking for details of the URL scheme for Day One?

Yeah that’s the page I looked at. I corrected this one to do the trick: dayone://post?entry=Hello%20Self

And that works from Due instead of the other one.

I actually was looking for a url scheme to open the photo browser in a new entry in Day One. But I assume that’s taking it a step to far…

Would it make sense to browse for the photo in Shortcuts, copy it to the clipboard and then use the create entry with clipboard image URL structure?

Create Entry with Clipboard Image: dayone://post?entry=Hello Self&imageClipboard=1

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Yeah that’s better actually

What do you mean browse the photo in shortcuts actually?

I go to the photo library and copy the photo to the clipboard that I want to appear in Day One and then I run the shortcut. But there is no photo in the new entry in Day One

It’s working now thanks

I don’t use Day One myself, exactly… but I do have an old version around to test with. I used the URL above as the basis, to create a basic shortcut and it seems to work fine for me.

Here's what I got in Day One

Perhaps compare what you have, to the Shortcut above, and see what notable differences you might have?

That’s amazing!!! Thank you

Thanks again @sylumer for your great help. I need a little bit of help again with another, slightly related, Shortcut.

I have one called “Positiv dagbog” tr.: “Positive diary”, that I do each night. It prompts me for several questions about my day and the day tomorrow.

At the end, I would like to add a final step to the shortcut, where I find a photo in my Photos library that makes me smile and then I say a little bit about why it makes me smile.

I just cant figure out how to do that. Can you help? For now I have just written into the Day One siri shortcut part that I should add a photo, but it would be much cooler to have the Siri Shortcut just open the photo picker and prompt me with the question and then have it all transfer to Day One as a new entry when I’m done writing about that photo.

I hope that makes sense? Let me know if you or anyone else can help out.

This is the link to the Shortcut:

See if this works for you.

That’s amazing @sylumer! Thank you!

I just have one other question that I can hopefully get some help with.

  • Do you know if it is possible to have at the end of this shortcut Day One to open up the Microphone for me to dictate to? While still have all the input imported into the same entry?

Day One has a URL scheme, but not one that seems to support x-callback-url, so I believe the answer to this would currently be no.

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Alright thanks @sylumer i will ask Day One if they can help with providing that url.

Do you know if it’s possible to have Day One open the camera on the iPad for me to take a photo? And then include that in the Siri Shortcut?

Thanks again for all your help, very much appreciated

No, but you can have Shortcuts do that, which I think is probably a better approach. Take a look and see if you can adapt this shortcut to your exact needs.

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Thank you @sylumer

Actually it is a different Shortcut to the one I shared earlier. Would it be possible for you to include the photography step at the end into this one:

There was a problem however. I took the selfie, but then the photo was not included in the Day One entry…

Thanks again for all your help!

The final steps are just like your original action. You have the date (which is a redundant action) feeding into Day One, but you want the result of the take photo action - just like I did in the last shortcut I posted for you.

You should now have enough detail to fix it :wink:

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Dear @sylumer

I just added the steps from the other shortcut “Positiv Dagbog” to the shortcut I wanted to be able to take a photo in “Dagbog”:

It does work in terms of taking the photo in the Shortcut, but the photo is not included in the final entry in Day One nor is it saved to

Any help would be much appreciated.


That should be passing a photo into Day One. But it isn’t supposed to be saved to the camera roll unless you add additional steps to do so.

I downloaded and ran your shortcut. It worked fine for me in that it included the image in the journal entry.

Maybe it is worth you testing again?

Failing that simplify your shortcut and see if you can get it working just with the take photo and create day one entry actions on their own.

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