My wishlist for coming improvement updates on Shortcuts App

Besides supporting more Applications and new functions I would be more interested in better usability and UI improvements for the future.

  1. Change language inside the application for e.g. from german to english or french etc. without changing the system language of the device.

  2. Folder inside Shortcuts App
    (I know there are lots of controversial debates/topics about folders…
    My personal thoughts after reading different opinions about having folders or not is why not have at least the opportunity to use them. If someone don’t want to use folder - ok that’s fine but why not give others the chance to use them.

I personally think the best way to sort Flows (Shortcuts) would be a combination of all given features (including folders)

You might use folder e.g. for a rough sorting of flows (like flows which are made by yourself and which working just fine, flows which are from yourself too but still in progress and flows you downloaded etc.

And then you can still use different colors, icons and text-symbols and special naming conventions for flows to organize them even more…and of course you can still use the search bar (in and outside of a folder) to access a workflow(shortcut) quickly and easily…

  1. Possibility to mark and select one or more steps/actions of a flow(shortcut) to copy this selection with a menu or by drag and drop to another position of the flow

  2. Possibility to use Shortcuts App two times at the same time in Split view on an iPad ( like it is possible to use 2 tabs in splitscreen at Safari browser ) and that you then could also copy steps from one workflow to another by using Drag and Drop

  3. Possibility to toggle steps/actions on and off for testing reasons for example

  4. an additional user based gallery inside the Application for exchanging shortcuts(flows)

  5. A better documentation of the application ( Help) and or maybe some learning tutorials/lessons ( inside the application ?)

  6. A better Siri integration inside the shortcuts App
    (How about the possibility for example to use a text/ predefined text input and convert this into a voice command for Siri ?!)

If some of the things already implemented please let me know, how to use.

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All good ideas. In re:

  1. A better documentation of the application ( Help) and or maybe some learning tutorials/lessons ( inside the application ?)

have you seen Apple’s new Shortcuts User Guide ?

Thank you dfay.

Yeah i know this one. Isn’t that bad at all.
But still can be done better and in more detail I guess :wink:

I would also like to see the ability to collapse sections of the workflow that is nested inside an if or a Repeat or the like.

Especially like your #5 idea up there too. It’s a pain to keep adding that and removing it. Even if there was a debug mode where you could toggle all those Quick View commands on/off at the same time. I tried something like that once manually with the built in If, but it turned messy quick.

All good suggestions.

My number one request is a "compact view” that uses far less space to show a shortcut, so I can see more than 3 or 4 things at once.

Also, I want to target devices. Speak text on HomePod, play this song on my TV, Sned my Apple TVs audio out to these two homepods and TV #2, etc.

And, being able to trigger actions based on my location.

I’ve arrived home, turn the lights 100% red and play the Imperial March on my HomePod, set the thermostat to 20 and turn on the TV in the bedroom and go to the "TV” app home screen.

Agree x ∞ about targeting specific devices


Apple should give Siri the same capabilities on all devices

Great suggestions! :yum:

I really like the idea of combining 3 and 4 so I can copy actions from one shortcut in the left screen and paste them in another in the right screen.