My (extensive) Shortcuts Wishlist

With the tantalising prospect of a potential new version of Shortcuts on stage at WWDC on Monday (we can dream, right?) I collated everything I’d like to see in the next version…

Quite the extensive list, though some of the workarounds you’ve highlighted to achieve some of the same things are pretty remarkable as well. My biggest asks from your list are the

  • screen time/down time feature
  • shortcuts organization


  • More RAM allocated to shortcuts when executed from the widget. I’ve had a few shortcuts where the only way I could get them to consistently work is to “Run in Shortcuts” is just clunky and adds delays to the whole workflow.
  • Better launching from home screen. The whole temporarily opening safari thing is very hacky. I’d love for more action based icons on my home screen that do exactly what I want on tap and without extra delays.

I still find that sometimes my Shortcuts just Do Not Run at all. It seems like if you have some search term in Shortcuts, that makes it fail sometimes, but other times it just fails for no clear reason, which undermines the whole endeavor.

Having access to screen time/down time feels like it could definitely be added in the next version to me. Totally seems like the kind of thing that would get apprived.

I’m hoping that the Workflow/Shortcuts team will now be able to smooth out those awkward hacks (like launching from the homescreen through Safari) now they’re at Apple.