Meeting Workflows Part II... Quickly call-in to your next scheduled conference call

It dawned on me today as I was preparing to join my next scheduled phone call that this Workflow HQ workflow would be worth sharing. It is super simple but super useful.

The goal… Quickly see the next meeting(s) on my calendar with location. If it is a phone meeting, present the phone number with option to call.

Workflow flow… (I have the workflow saved as an App on my iPhone home screen)… Tap the “app”. The workflow presents the next few meetings on my calendar. Tap the meeting of interest to initiate the phone call.

If you are in a corporate setting and are walking to/from many meetings the peripheral benefit of this workflow is a very quick way to also see the physical location as you move to your next destination.

There are some other ways to accomplish the same, but I find the app on my home screen is the absolute fastest. Hope this helps – jay


Part 1, capturing and processing meeting notes, can be found over at the MacPower Users forum.

I built something similar but it finds the conference ID and dials that too.


Not sure if it helps, but on iOS 12 betas, Siri has gotten incredibly good at prompting me on the lock screen to call into my next meeting with a call-in. You may find that it makes a workflow to do this unnecessary.

Sounds interesting… I’m not upgrading until the final GM but will definitely look out for that.

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