Dialling into conference calls

So my challenge to myself was to automate dialling into conference calls. I work as a consultant and this particular client I work on loves a meeting…! I have to dial in using a traditional phone call and then enter a code. The code is always in the location field of the calendar event like this: ‘conference call ID:nnn nnn nnn’

My workflow searches for calendar events in my work calendar with ‘ID:’ then prompts me to pick one. It then gets the code out of the location field and dials the conference number and with some pauses it enters the conference code and a couple of #s that are needed to join the call, e.g. +442071234567,987345321#,#,#

Pretty happy with it and I’ll be testing it on Monday on a couple of calls with them!

It’s here if anyone wants to look or provide any suggestions.



Here’s a version based on your original.


  • It further restricts the calls list to select from based on a tolerance value. Its is set to calendar event starting +/- 60 mins from current date & time by default.
  • Moved call strings to separate entries at the top as this might make it easier to maintain for other clients and the workflow is a bit longer now I’ve tinkered.
  • Where it doesn’t find a match it asks for a code (in case you get details outside of a calendar event to join another or ad hoc meeting). Entering a blank ends the workflow at that point.

Please note that I haven’t given this a thorough test. I don’t have your calendar :wink:

Even if the above isn’t directly applicable to the circumstances for this client they may be useful for others in the future.

If you get multiple clients in the future you could expand it further to display a menu, you could pull in the comference call dialling details from a contact, etc. Therse’s still lots of potential here for further automation should you have need of it.

Hope there’s something helpful in there for you.


Really cool workflow :+1:. Adding it to my “in case I ever need this” category :smile:.

Looks great! Some good ideas in there. I like the conditional logic.