Let's see your custom Airmail actions

I rarely see examples of custom Airmail actions or rules for iOS or MacOS. I’d love to see what the experts around here use.


All iOS

Forward email to wife then delete.
Forward - her email is the input

Search 1Password.
I have a workflow that searches 1Password App, so this action takes the senders name as the input, launches the workflow which then opens 1Password and searches the senders name for login information. Useful when wanting to log into an website that’s included in an email inside of Airmail instead of going to Safari, input link and then logging in. Some links in your email takes you to a specific page so this action is useful against solely using 1Password and visiting website within 1Password app.

Actions simply moves an email to a specified folder/label

My daughters school sends out an newsletter weekly with important dates and also usually includes all of the out of school days for the year. I have a workflow that takes the clipboard of copied text from the email, use dates and subject for those dates and creates them as calendar events into a family calendar in Fantastical.


I’d love to see how you did the Search 1Password action. Seems really useful.

Here are two of mine!


Search in 1 Password workflow

Create an action that launches the above workflow.

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Hmm, I’ve been using Apple Mailfor a while now, but after the latest episode saying it’s much more stable now and these actions, I think I need to give Airmail another go.


I loved this episode because Airmail got so much air time! :slight_smile: I’ve been using Airmail nonstop for the past year because of its capabilities to tie shortcuts to actions. I am able to triage email to evernote, things, trello, instapaper, very easily, but I’ve never really played around with these custom actions! A whole new world is opening up. Thanks!


I use the 1Password one as well. Is your ‘Mail2Cal’ action using a Workflow?

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I use two custom actions regularly:

  1. Airmail to Things 3. Runs a Workflow that copies a link to the email and prefills the notes with the contents of the email then opens up the built in Things 3 dialog box in Workflow for selecting list, dates tags etc
  2. Airmail to DevonThink. Runs a Workflow that sends the email to DevonThink along with a link back to the original email. Can find a further description here

I made a simple “Mark as read & archive,” with the goal of being able to make it one of my notification actions, but alas, you can not make custom actions usable in notifications.

I wanted to point out – as an Airmail user who will keep using Airmail even though I find it to be quite unstable – that the devs would love videos of problems. Going into the Settings and pressing “Support” will open an email to their support with logging information. Airmail is a powerful app that I plan to use while tolerating its problems. I think I speak for more than myself though, when I say it’d be a shame for anyone to be missing out on the power behind Airmail because of its problems.

All the years I’ve had Fantastical and never knew how to type in what calendar to apply it to.

Thanks for mentioning and sharing this!

I’ve been using my workflow here when I need to get an email link from airmail that will open in in Mail.app. I don’t need it as often currently since I’m using Airmail on all platforms right now, but it still comes in handy, especially if you only use Airmail on one platform. Here’s my write up about the workflow:

Getting Mail Links from Airmail

I have that one too but I have yet to use it.

Hi @kseggleton, I just started using Things 3 and I’m really interested in using Airmail with the workflow you mentioned above. I have 2 questions about it I hope you can help me understand:

  1. How are you sending the email link and contents from Airmail to Workflow? I’ve played with directly sending to-do’s to Things using the URL custom action but I’m not sure how to do it with Workflow

  2. Am I correct in assuming that in Workflow you’re adding that information as variables? (I’m not an expert in WF)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mau. You are correct in assuming that I am sending the email link and contents as variable from Airmail to Workflow. If you have a look at this link then you will see the variables that I am sending. The variables in Airmail need to have a ‘separator’ that Workflow can use to break the variables up. The separator is simply some text that tells Workflow where the variables start and finish. I am using ‘_EMAILSEP_’ as the separator. The Workflow workflow to process the email and send it to Things 3 is on this link.

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Thanks for the help @kseggleton! It worked perfectly and I got to learn something new. Cool to see you’re from NZ, it’s on my bucket list! :sunglasses: