Email to Evernote (PDF), label & archive

I’m wondering if someone might be willing to offer me a little guidance on how to do this with Airmail, as I’m still new to all this automation stuff.

I want to take email receipts I get for work-related expenses, apply a label to them, convert them to pdf, upload it to Evernote (at least inbox if not the specific folder), and then archive.

I have the label part down but I cannot figure out how to get workflow to convert to a PDF and then pass it through to the custom action “Send to Evernote” in airmail, or should I be using workflow for that action (and if so, It’s not clear to me how to get workflow to grab the pdf and move on it).

Thanks for any insights on this. I can see how there’s a bit of a learning curve with all of this.


@RosemaryOrchard thanks for splitting this off - I do mean for this to be for Airmail but I didn’t make that clear in the initial post.

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You’re welcome! I could do the whole thing without ever leaving Airmail, but you wouldn’t get a PDF in Evernote, would that work for you?

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If you send it to Workflow that can create a PDF easily enough.

For getting stuff into Evernote you can share to it or process directly through Workflow; but you may find that Evernote’s mail in feature may be all you really need.

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Thanks! I think I understand how to do it without turning it into a PDF in Airmail:

apply label
send to evernote

Is that how you’d do it?

Having it save to PDF would save me a ton of steps later in the process when I pull the receipts, so this step would help, but the ideal would be to PDF.

Thanks, looking into this now.

Here’s what I am working with: