Labels in Trello using Workflow/Shortcuts

Anyone here that uses Workflow with Trello? Wondering if someone can point me in the direction of how to setup an API within a workflow that applies a label to a Trello Card?

The action type is: updateCheckItem: /cards/{id}/actions/

Using this action addLabelToCard

Maybe look at this or visit

You can’t add a label to a checkitem; only cards. So, you’d be looking at this PUT

First draft. I think I might try to add in more options/allow the user to make more decisions. But, give it a go for me and let me what you think.


This is awesome and did exactly what was expected. How could I go about combining this with the Add Trello Card action that’s built in? I ask because I have a workflow that does the following steps listed below and I like that the built in action automatically puts most recent item to the top of the list and that I can add an attachment. Only thing missing is attaching the labels during the processing of the workflow. I always had to go to the Trello board and assign the labels manually. But here’s what I currently do.

This board is to track wins & losses and ending outcomes of games I play. Currently only two of them. Let’s say it’s a Domino match I played and won. I…

  • Screenshot the final game
  • run the workflow from share sheet
  • it asks what device I played the game on (to get the drive overlay for the screenshot)
  • I choose iPhone X
  • It then asks what game I played (Domino or Modern Combat Versus)
  • I choose Domino
  • It shows a quick look of the screenshot for me to double check the score
  • It then asks me to name the card in which is the current date , score and vs who I played (today’s date, 150-50 vs Friend name)
  • It then creates the card and saves to Trello, top of list w/ screenshot attached



I’m glad you liked it. However, there doesn’t appear to be a way to mix a custom API implementation and the built in Workflow actions (I’ve spent more time than I care to admit on trying to figure out a way to do just that).

You would have to add the ability to a custom setup to allow for attachments and positioning (which the API does expose). I’ll try to see if I can’t set something like this up tomorrow.

I encourage you give it a shot though on your own to see what you can come up with. Hit me up if you get stuck.

Understood. Thanks for the guidance.

I didn’t like the fact that I shoved the IDs in with the lists to identify them so I updated the workflow.

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