Is there a way to see Scriptable created file's content from Files app?

Hi, I created a file using Scriptable’s write function, I saved that file in the documentsDirectory() + “/foo.txt” path. In documentsDirectory() documentation it states that

Documents stored in this directory can be accessed using the Files app.

It also says something about enabling an option if my files are being stored locally, but as I have iCloud enabled they are not being stored locally, according to what I understood about the documentation at least, is there a way to see my file.

Note: I know the file is being saved because I can read what I wrote using the read function.

It notes in the documentation that “Your scripts are stored in this directory”. With iCloud enabled, you should just need to open Files, navigate to the iCloud (native) provider and then open the Scriptable folder. That’s where you should find your foo.txt file.

It depends on whether you’ve initialized your FileManager locally or for iCloud. If you have choosen iCloud, you would find it in the same folder as the scripts. If you have used FileManager.local(), then there is no way to access it, other than with the FileManager API

I was just taking from the reference the OP made in regards to the use being iCloud and not local that this wasn’t the case. But perhaps I’ve misread the intent of the sentence that referenced this?

Sorry, clicked wrong answer button :man_facepalming:

Don’t be. Re-reading it I think there’s definitely a chance the OP could be using the local reference.