Documentsdirectory with FileManager.local() vs. FileManager.iCloud(): Where is the content stored/Access via Files app or Picker?

I regularly use FileManager.iCloud().documentsDirectory() to store/access all Scriptable relevant data in the same iCloud folder as my Scriptable scripts.
Now I tested some widgets that uses FileManager.local().documentsDirectory() to store its content.

I’m curious:
I can list the files&folders in both directories with listContents() and I get different outputs (as expected).
The difference is that Scriptable’s iCloud folder is visible on my device(s) in the Files app and in the Document Picker, but the local folder isn’t.
Can I access those files with the Files app/Document picker,is it intented that the local() folder is hidden or is it simply a bug?
Thanks for any insight.

(iOS & Scriptable newest Beta)

No, you only get to local through the app.

See this discussion where that was mentioned before.

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Ahh, limited the search to the wrong forum.
Thank you very much!