Is it possible to embed map and set a location?

Hi, have not found in the documentation the option to embed a map and show a location eg of a device.

The idea would be to have a GPS Tracker with LoRaWAN and show the current location in a widget.

KR solick

You could build it yourself :wink:

The way to go would be to build a webpage with the javascript library “leaflet” that displays your current location, then take an image of that and display that image in the widget.

I can’t provide you more details because I’ve never used leaflet and I don’t have iOS 14 installed.

i was assuming that it would also be possible to access the map object from iOS…

Sadly not with Scriptable. Maybe with Pythonista, but I don’t have it so I can also be wrong.

hmm. Where can I ask for implementation for next versions? Is there a special thread?

No special thread, but you can tag @simonbs and ask him nicely if he implements it maybe someday. But don’t expect anything. He has many things on his Scriptable backlog and also other apps where he wants to implement his ideas :wink:

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Shouldn’t that be feasible with Shortcuts? It permits to get the current location and to show locations in Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze.

I solved the problem using OpenStreetMap.
(Putting an inlet pic with map and position onto a photo with shortcuts)

Information on how to get from location to map tile you find here:

If you need more details, just comment…

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Can you post how you did this?

Hi tf2,

I posted the shortcuts in the shortcut section:

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I have it on my todo to add a map API at some point, but there’s a list of things I need to get to first. Depending on your use case, you might be able to use Google’s Maps API and present it in a WebView.